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Coil Cleaning

 Dirty air conditioning evaporator coils will raise the refrigerant pressure levels of your AC system, reducing efficiency and potentially causing damage. This in turn leads to inflated energy bills, high repair costs and even heath related issues when the problem is not addressed. 

Cleaning the coils will keep your air unit running at maximum efficiency while saving you money at the same time. Cleaning the inside coil is the top priority... this is the "lungs" of the system. if not properly can cause permanent damage or lead to a complete breakdown of the compressor unit.

People pay to clean duct systems, but to get to the source of the problem, the dirty coil needs to be removed and chemically cleaned so that is restored to nearly new condition.

Our professional technicians are experts in this process, using a special cleaning solution that is not harmful or corrosive to your equipment in any way.

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